Nurture Your Spirit - Welcome 2019

First Blog Post Ahhhhhhh!

Holy Cow! I've been wanting to do this Blog for soooo long. I feel nervous but am so excited.  The way I see it is that I can't worry about making it perfect.  I have to start somewhere. Just get moving and I'll get better as I go.  This has to be my approach to life, or I get stuck.

Life can be so challenging, so a huge focus for me has to be my spirituality.  By doing whatever I can to keep my spirit strong and at the forefront, the rest of life seems to just be more doable and so much more enjoyable.  I claim to be no expert, but what I am is a gal who is doing her best to nurture her spirit and who loves to share how I do it with others.  It is the whole focus of AromaGemJewelry.  In addition, I love to hear and learn from others, so please engage with me.  We are all in this together.

My Best tip To Set Yourself Up for 2019 - Help Your Energy Flow

SIMPLIFY...DETACH...RELEASE...Start by clearing out the physical clutter-get rid of things that no longer serve you or bring you joy. Think of the energy as water entering your home.  Where is it getting stuck?  In that stack of mail, in the 10 year old cans of food in your cupboard, in the fake plant from 1990 in your corner full of dust? (I still have a couple myself)  These are all obstacles.  Trust me, this one is hard.  Sometimes I feel like I could be on an episode of Hoarders because I think so many things are pretty or still useful. The two questions to ask are "Does this bring me joy?", and "Does this still serve me?".  The more we release these attachments, the less clutter we have in our home for energy to flow, but also in our minds for ideas and creativity to flow, in our hearts for love to live, and in our space for our spirit to expand. Of course there are a million things we can list to do, but I for one just get overwhelmed and feel failure rather than joy if I do that.  This is the one goal I have for January...SIMPLIFY...DETACH...RELEASE.

Crystals for Letting Go Smoky Quartz, Aquamarine, Petrified Wood, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Rhodonite

Crystals for change, transformation, transition: Malachite, Tree Agate, Labradorite, Rutiliated Quartz


Crystal of the Month

Speaking of helping your energy flow, GARNET is the lovely crystal for January.  Garnet is a great stone for helping the movement of your Chi throughout your body.  It can serve as a protective talisman that shields you from negative energy.  Key words to think of for Garnet are Strength and Security.  It represents the element Earth and your Root Chakra. 

These garnet pieces pictured are available on AromaGemJewelry's site.  You will also find Garnet in our Chakra bracelets and wands representing the root Chakra, as well as in our garnet aromatherapy slide bracelet.


AromaGemJewelry News and Updates

 I’ve been wanting to make things simpler for my, (at least for now) AromaGemJewelry offers FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all U.S. orders, NO MINIMUM PURCHASE required. Yep, even the big crystals. So, that means the item price you see is your total (except sales tax for CA residents). No guessing or wondering how much shipping will cost. That drives me bonkers.  Visit to start shopping now, and please share this with your friends🍃💚🍃

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