Huge 13.6 pound Twin Rose Quartz Tower/Obelisk

Huge 13.6 pound Twin Rose Quartz Tower/Obelisk

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Look at this amazing and gigantic 13.6 pound 😲twin Rose Quartz piece. It stands 11 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. 

These twin firms are very special and are referred to as soulmate or tantric twins. Here is what the Crystal Bible has to say about them: “tantric” means “Union of energies”. The stones have a powerful message concerning the bonding of two people into a close and intimate relationship. They teach how to be unique and separate, while united in equal partnership. To be a successful union you need to be comfortable with yourself. If not you will project your unresolved issues onto your partner. Tantric twins help you truly to know and except yourself. As a result interdependence and deep intimacy with another person are possible. The closer they are in size, the more harmonious will be the partnership”....and we haven’t even gotten to the qualities of Rose Quartz on its own 


This will be listed for $350 with U.S. shipping included. That is an amazing deal for such a large piece. I’ve not seen one like this available before....but don’t worry if that is out of the budget. I have rose quartz pieces from 1 inch wands for $10 all of the way up to these big beauties. Just pm me with your budget.

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