Essential oil diffuser bracelet - Malaysia Jade - Dragonfly - slide
Essential oil diffuser bracelet - Malaysia Jade - Dragonfly - slide
Essential oil diffuser bracelet - Malaysia Jade - Dragonfly - slide
Essential oil diffuser bracelet - Malaysia Jade - Dragonfly - slide

Essential oil diffuser bracelet - Malaysia Jade - Dragonfly - slide

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Malaysia Jade/Lava gemstone diffuser prayer bracelet created using:

*twenty one 10 mm round "Malaysia Jade" beads
*10 mm wood beads
*3 black lava stone marker beads
*Antiqued bronze Tree of Life pendant
*Antiqued bronze wire
*Elastic cord

Healing Qualities: "Malaysia Jade", while commonly mistaken for fine quality jade due to it's deep green color and translucent quality are actually Quartz. It balances body chemistry so anxiety disappears and you are calm and centered.

For use in meditation and prayer. Simply add 1-2 drops of your desired essential oil to the lava stone. Aroma lasts for several days. Stretchy cord used for ease of wear.

**Pictured as a suggested combination are Malaysia Jade/leaf Essential Oil Diffuser Earrings and pendant. They can be found in the "diffuser earrings section" and "diffuser necklace" sections of AromaGemJewelry's Etsy store. They were designed as a set, and look perfect together. These prayer bracelets also look wonderful stacked together with others.

Malas are traditionally used as an aid in meditation. Malas create a sense of tranquility, inner peace and focus. My wish when creating one is to enhance the spiritual pursuits of anyone who so desires. They are infused with love and creative energy and given out with positive intention.

This beautiful wrist mala also serves as a personal diffuser so that you may experience the healing benefits of essential oils. Simply apply a drop of your favorite essential oil to the black lava bead, and enjoy the long lasting aroma for days. Reapply as desired. I am a regular user of essential oils for the physical and emotional health and wellness of my entire family. If you have questions, I am happy to share what I know, and/or if you would like to order essential oils you can visit my site at

*VERY IMPORTANT: strong elastic cord was used to make these bracelets for ease of wear. As a jewelry maker, my personal preference is to use wire and a toggle clasp for more durability. However, some people struggle with putting on toggle clasps alone, and many prefer the ease of slipping on a bracelet that elastic cord offers. Great care was put into making this piece, and care must be taken, as with any piece of jewelry to treat it tenderly. With a prayer bracelet, it is considered a reverent object. Overstretching, playing with the beads too much, or frequent wear will eventually cause the cord to split. If there was an obviously premature break due to no reason listed above (within the first 2 weeks), AromaGemJewelry will happily and eagerly be responsible for restringing prayer bracelets. Sometimes these things happen, and I would always want to take care of fixing an item if it was somehow my fault. When a "normal" break occurs, it is meant to symbolize a broken cycle, however. Once it breaks, it is thought that you don't 'need' that mala anymore. It's a sign to bring new intentions into your life as your current ones no longer serve you. People get very attached to their prayer bracelets, however, and another option is to send the beads to be made into something else for you. If you are very attached to your piece, I can restring it for you for a small fee once it breaks, and even find replacement beads if you are unable to retrieve them all. If you prefer to have this item made with wire and a toggle clasp, please send me a message before purchase, and I will happily make that adjustment. Depending on the time of year or workload, up to a week of additional time may be needed to make this adjustment.

****USPS shipping costs have gone up significantly since January 2016. Buy multiple items from AromaGemJewelry and save on shipping. All items are shipped in a small box using 1-3 day priority mail with tracking (USPS cost=$6.10). There is no additional charge for shipping of multiple items.
****Please send a note if you need it shipped extra fast so I can help.

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