Essential oil diffuser - chakra stone suncatcher, wind chime

Essential oil diffuser - chakra stone suncatcher, wind chime

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 Clearing or cleaning the energy in my space is just as important to me as keeping it clean from dirt...if not more. I like to use bells as one way to clean my space of negative or stagnant energy. I like to open up my windows and walk through each room ringing the bell and setting an intention for the negative energy to leave and for my space to be filled with God’s light and clean positive energy for the highest good. I made this piece to incorporate the chakra stones into that practice of balancing energy. You can put this in your window and use it to walk through your house to clean it out. Each stone (Red Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger Eye, Aventutine, Turquonite/BlueHowlite, Sodalite, Amethyst) is hand picked and wire wrapped using copper wire by me. Stone lengths vary but are about an inch or more in length. Total length varies, but the whole piece is about 16 inches. Bells will vary. In addition, at the base is a black lava bead to hold a drop of your favorite essential oil. How perfect would it be to use White Sage or Palo Santo oil on this piece while you walk through each room cleaning the space. Check them out at

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