Essential oil diffuser necklace-minimalist
Essential oil diffuser necklace-minimalist
Essential oil diffuser necklace-minimalist

Essential oil diffuser necklace-minimalist

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Many people ask me about aromatherapy necklaces for children. Some people have kiddos who are anxious or very active and they'd like to send them to school with some lavendar. Other chidren have allergies or ADHD that parents would like to help treat with aromatherapy. The list for reasons is long. In addition to placing oils on skin or clothing (like their collar), if they are able to care for it, children can also use aromatherapy jewelry as a part of their regime. I always recommend with children 12 and under that they have the SIMPLEST jewelry possible ESPECIALLY if they are struggling with attention or hyperactivity issues like many children do. With these kiddos the necklace can go from being a tool to a distracting toy. I pride myself in the quality and durability of my jewelry, however they will likely be damaged if yanked or pulled, twisted, or bent. I take great care to make sure they are pieces that will last. But we have to remember they are children....and they are around other children. This is not unusual behavior. Jewelry is something that is not for everyone or every age.

Please place thought before purchase into whether you believe your child would benefit from aromatherapy jewelry and if they are able to care for it. I do not replace or repair pieces that are broken by children. This piece is designed to be simple and durable, and unless treated with excessive roughness, should last forever .

I am including 1 free ball chain with this order. If it were to break, you may replace it with a cord of any material you feel appropriate (e.g. thick soft nylon, leather, or another ball chain). The chain is free with this purchase, however, and will not be replaced if broken. The price listed above is for the pendant. I use strong silver wire to create a pendant that will last.

This beautiful necklace serves as a personal aromatherapy essential oil diffuser that allows you to experience the healing benefits of essential oils. Just add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the black lava bead. Reapply oil whenever desired. I am a regular user of essential oils for the physical and emotional health and wellness of my entire family.

If you have questions, please feel free to message me!

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